Muslim Refugees and National Security

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For the Day of Conversation: Muslim Refugees and National Security Muslim Refugees Overview, links to resources and conversation guide for the day of your conversation. (All or most of the participants in this LRC have had one LRC together & have now chosen to gather for a 2nd LRC.)
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Related video: Living Room Conversation on What is Freedom?  which touches on what it is like to be Muslim in the United States.  Starts around the 20 minute mark with Isa Hodge answering Round 2 questions.

Rounds/Questions: The Living Room Conversation Starts Here

This conversation touches on some of our core values.  Our need to balance constitutional rights and generosity with prudence. Balancing freedom and security- safety and care for other people whose lives are at risk due to political, ethnic and religious conflict.

Round One: Getting Started / Why Are We Here?

  • What interested you or drew you to this conversation?

Round Two: Core Values

Answer one or more of the following:

  • What sense of purpose / mission / duty guides you in your life?
  • What would your best friend say about who you are and what makes you “tick”?
  • What are your hopes and concerns for your community and/or the country?

Round Three: Muslim Refugees and National Security - Balancing Freedom and Security

Remember that the goal for this Living Room Conversation is for all of us to listen and learn about where we have different opinions and where we have shared interests, intentions and goals. Answer one or more of the following questions:

  • How have you been personally impacted by the refugee crisis in the Middle East?
  • Do you have concerns about your family’s safety? If so what are you most worried about?  
  • Which American values are most in play or at risk in considering Muslim refugees for resettlement in the U.S.?
  • Do you have people of Muslim faith in your community? What role do they play?
  • Is it possible to be welcoming of refugees and concerned about terrorists crossing borders?  If so, what kinds of solutions could address both considerations?
  • Was there something you were hoping to ask or share in this conversation?

Round Four: Reflection

Answer one or more of the following questions:

  • In one sentence, share what was most meaningful / valuable to you in the experience of this Living Room Conversation.
  • What learning, new understanding or common ground was found on this topic?
  • Has this conversation changed your perception of anyone in this group, including yourself?

Round Five: Accomplishment and Next Steps

Answer both of the following questions:

  • What is one important thing you thought was accomplished here?
  • Is there a next step you would like to take based upon the conversation you just had?

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