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We are often asked to introduce Living Room Conversations in a conference setting or in an abbreviated format. These 90 minute conversations include a 10 minute presentation overview and materials that provide a variety of topics. Conference participants can self-select which conversation they would like to have.

Here's are recommended set-up:
Have small tables or ways for people to gather in groups of 4-5.
Have materials available on the tables or readily available. There are three handouts:

  • Conversation Ground Rules
  • Living Room Conversations Materials
  • Feedback Form

Present the concept of Living Room Conversations and address any questions.

Ask by show of hands, how many people are interested in each topic and assign a space in the room accordingly for people to gather.
Remind people that diversity of viewpoint includes age, gender, socio-economics, ethnicity, political, etc. It is up to each group to discover their diversity.

Let them know to complete Rounds 1 & 2, then come back to the big group to debrief with Round 3.

Remind everyone to use their ears more than their other words, share the time well.


Provide a 10 minute warning before gathering together as a larger group.

Bring everyone back to the larger group with 10-20 minutes remaining.

Have 1-2 volunteers ready who will start off Round 3 in the larger group.

Remind everyone about the feedback forms...where there is a monthly drawing amongst completed forms that are photographed and emailed to

Invite people to co-host. Perhaps on the same topic or on another topic about which they care deeply. All materials are available at

Thank everyone for participation!

(And thank you for helping to spread LRC.)