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The Sedona's Living Room Conversations (SLRC) was a 2014 project to provide a positive, community-building alternative to the highly partisan, polarized way many people approach community issues.

The goal was to create in Sedona, during the week of October 16 - 23, 2014 an enjoyable, warm, thought-provoking "dialogue" experience for residents interested in: a) getting to know their neighbors and b) talking with them respectfully about issues of common concern.

Small groups, each composed of about six Sedona residents, met for a two-hour conversation in homes or community centers. Each group followed dialogue guidelines and an agenda suggested at Besides getting to know each other, the participants exchanged thoughts on a multi-faceted substantive issue: "Quality of Life in Sedona."

Thank you to Paul Friedman for leading the Sedona Living Room Conversations project. He shared all the materials he developed so others could use them.

This video captured people’s thoughts following the Sedona Living Room Conversation Project.