Reinvent Bipartisanship Roundtable Recap

Political polarization in the United States is not a Washington DC problem, it's an American people problem. But because it's a people problem, the ultimate solution lies with them, with us. This roundtable pulled together folks from left, right and center and came up a range of ideas on how to fix the culture in the long-term, and tactically make progress in DC now. In the end, we did find much common ground and everyone felt more hopeful that America could work as one people once again. You will too.

Our anchor on the progressive side is Joan Blades, who co-founded in the late 1990s and, in 2011, cofounded Living Room Conversations that catalyzes face-to-face conversations between people with very different politics. Our anchor on the conservative side is Jacob Hess, who coauthored a book on liberal-conservative dialogue, You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought (But You’re Still Wrong).

Participants include:
Jackie Salit, president of and former manager of Michael Bloomberg's three campaigns for New York City mayor on the Independence Party line.
Richard Tafel, founder/president of Public Squared & founding executive director of Log Cabin Republicans
Debilyn Molineaux, president of Coffee Party USA
Elisa Batista, associate campaign director at
Lawrence Chickering, founder/president of Educate Girls Globally & author of two books on "transpartisan politics"

Watch the video here: