Looking for Common Ground

Mark Meckler, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, and I, co-founder of MoveOn, had the opportunity to describe our Living Room Conversation about crony capitalism on stage with at Citizen University last month.

The audience welcomed a story about friendship and agreement growing across partisan lines. Honestly we're pretty excited about it too. I'm told that our conversation was on the front page of the S.F. Chronicle in January because when Mark and I co-hosted a conversation with our friends it embodied one of the three classic story lines - Romeo and Juliet- unlikely friendships.

We know we have very different views about many things. That said we also have deep respect for each other and want to better understand the reasons for our differences and see if we can find collaborative solutions for some of the serious problems our country faces. We have already learned that we can work together on criminal justice reform and reinstating Glass-Steigal so that banks that we insure can't then gamble with our money taking profits when they win while protected from loss when they loose. And for those issues where we disagree, we will continue to work for what we believe in and keep looking for opportunities to find win/win solutions along the way.